Lenten/ Easter Sermon Series

John: The Gospel of Light and Life

February 18th – March 31st

Fifty years after Jesus died, one of his closest companions wrote an account of Jesus’ life. This is the Gospel of John. John, which has historically been described as “the spiritual Gospel” doesn’t just tell us what Jesus said and did, he reveals why Jesus matters. During the season of Lent, join us as we read and study the Gospel of John together. Look forward to seeing you at worship!

February 18th “The Word Made Flesh” John 1:1-5

February 25th “The Miraculous Signs of Jesus” John 2:1-11

March 3rd “ The “ I Am” Says” John 6:35-40

March 10th “The Farewell Discourse” John 14: 1-3, 18-19.25-27

March 17th “ There Is No Greater Love…” John 15:12-17

March 24th “ The Power of the Suffering King” John 18:1-7 & John 19 :16-20

(Palm Sunday )

March 31st “ Eternal Life” John 19:41-20:1, 11-16, 18